So Much Fluff at the 28th Annual America’s Family Pet Expo

Posted: May 5, 2017 in Animals, Events, Orange County
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The America’s Family Pet Expo made its 28th annual return to the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa this past weekend. Taking place across much of the northern half of the fairgrounds, this all-ages expo allows all guests to exhibit all the vendors, pet adoptions, pet fitness demos, pet competitions, and pet accessory vendors. Goods sold by vendors ranged from food to toys to furniture to apparel and more. The pet adoptions included multiple animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and more. The $15 admission provided guests with full access to the event grounds for an entire day.

As this event covered such a huge area, guests would find lots of things to see and do to last the entire day. The outdoors areas mainly held the demonstrations and competitions. These included surf dogs, dachshund racing, agility training, K-9 demos, an exotic birds show, larger animal adoptions, and Splash Dogs, where dogs jumped for length or height into a pool. The buildings held all of the vendors, booths by individual dog breeds, aquatic pets, reptiles/amphibians, cat show, and others that had to remain out of the sun. Guests can interact with most of the dogs at the booths, but interaction largely depended on the breed. Guests could interact with playful dogs like corgis, akitas, and golden retrievers, while guests could only look at show dogs like the shiba inu or terrier. At the pet adoption area, guests could interact with some of the cats, but those poor cats felt so stressed out that playing with them kind of felt saddening.

Out of all of the pet expos that I have attended, I have found this one the most entertaining. It provided many things to do and see so that guests could spend all day there without having to take a break or get bored & leave. Between playing with the dogs and watching the various shows, I felt like I could stay there all weekend. Check out America’s Family Pet Expo on Facebook and Twitter for more information and updates.


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