You Never Saw It Coming at CSUF TitanCon 2017

Posted: May 4, 2017 in Art, Events, Orange County
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Many fandom events have occurred recently in Southern California. The term “fandom” refers to a broad range of pop culture interests and hobbies, from comics to video games to anime/manga and more. The most popular ones cost the most to get in, but a lot of smaller ones often do not cost much, if not completely free, to attend, and more often than not the smaller ones still attract a huge crowd, such as TitanCon 2017. Hosted at the student union on the Cal State Fullerton campus, TitanCon represents a locally-run community event around all things anime, manga, and video games. Taking place this past Saturday from 11am to 10pm, this free and all-ages event attracted thousands of fans of anime, manga, and video games to this quaint gathering for a fun day of mixing and mingling. Visitors would find artists, vendors, merchandise, mobile food vendors, live entertainment, cosplay contests, video games, a maid café, and more.

While it may not have the abundant amount of content that larger conventions and expos would have, Coast Con still had enough content to keep visitors occupied for hours. The student union primarily contained all the happenings of TitanCon, where attendees would check in, find the artist/vendor hall, check out all the programming, enter the maid café, play games, and more. On the other side of the student union from the check-in table, the majority of cosplayers gathered on all floors. The cosplayers took advantage of the stairs and the large outdoor space to handle all their photos, dancing, and acting.

Since none of the programming took place at the southeast section of the student union, this represented a great place to not only relax, but for attendees to mingle and meet others. I have attended countless fandom events in the past, but always attended as a regular person with a camera. This time, I actually arrived in costume, providing me with an entirely different experience. Many attendees stopped me to take a photo of me, while many others wanted to converse with me. Sure this distracted me from taking hundreds of photos like I usually do, but experiencing the life of a cosplayer more than made up for it, as I now understand how other cosplayers feel. While it may sound like a silly concept to people not into comics, anime, video games, or other forms of media, I highly encourage everyone to try cosplaying at least once, and not just buying a premade costume from a Halloween store.

Expect many more fandom events in Southern California in the near future. SoCal has Comic Con Revolution taking place in less than two weeks from now. The granddaddy of all anime events, the Anime Expo, takes place on the 4th of July weekend as it always does. The major maestro of comic cons, the Comic Con, takes place just three weeks following Anime Expo. Remember that smaller events will always occur between then, so always check with your local community to find more events to visit.


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