Serious Business Food Sampling at EZFoodFest Los Angeles 2017

Posted: May 3, 2017 in Drinks, Events, Food, Los Angeles, Restaurant
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Food business means serious business. In any given 24-hour period, over a billion dollars circulate in the economy that pertain to food sales, both prepared foods and food ingredients. As such, this makes the food & beverage industry a vast world to explore, proposing little barriers to entry but a long climb to the top to remain successful in a large industry. Any daring entrepreneur can step into the food industry, but remaining in the industry poses an entirely different challenge. Catering has remained a less popular aspect of the industry, as most people prefer to do their own choosing and selecting when it comes to food. However, an organization hopes to change that perspective with their ezFoodFest, an event aimed at showcasing the best of local food.

Hosted by ezCater, the ezFoodFest represents a gathering of dozens of local restaurants and food businesses under one roof, all sampling their goods to the hundreds of attendees throughout the night. The ezFoodFest started in Boston, and the Los Angeles event took place last Thursday night on the first floor of the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles. So what makes ezFoodFest stand out among the rest of the multitude of food festivals that take place in the greater Los Angeles area? One word: FREE. Indeed, it costs zero for interested attendees to come on in, check out the event, and stuff themselves full on this night. Even better, attendees received TWO drink tickets good for any drink at the bars, including straight liquor on the rocks. Of course, this meant that anyone under 21 could not attend. According to one of the organizers of the event, they make their ezFoodFest events free as a means of paying it forward, hoping that attendees would not only give their business to the participating restaurants, but also use the ezCater service.

Interested in checking out what ezCater has to offer? They will hold two more ezFoodFest events this year – one in Atlanta later this month, and one back in Boston later this year. Check out ezCater’s website linked above, and also take a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages to see what neat things they have in store.


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