Getting Some Cultural Exposure For The Kids at the 16th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival

Posted: March 9, 2017 in Art, Events, Los Angeles
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The Los Angeles Lantern Festival returned for its 16th year running this past Saturday afternoon. Taking place at the Chinese American Museum in El Pueblo between Downtown LA and Chinatown, this free and all-ages event celebrates Chinese culture and the turn of the new year with arts & crafts, music, dance, activities, exhibits, photography, and more. While the event did not cause any street closures, it functioned similarly to a street fair with the vendors, lanterns at night, lion dance, and illuminations at night. The Chinese American Museum allowed visitors to tour the museum for free during this event too. Aside from all that, this event did not have much else to do for adults not interested in the arts. For those with children, this made for a fun afternoon activity to keep the little ones occupied.

The Chinese American Museum routinely has free events such as the LA Lantern Festival taking place at their location in Downtown LA. Check out their website, and keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter to see what else they have going on.


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