Soaking in the Color Red at the 2nd Annual San Gabriel Lunar New Year Festival

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Events, Los Angeles
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When Chinese New Year rolls around every year, those who celebrate it all over the world do not simply allow it to pass. They will celebrate this occasion by throwing a huge festival for it. Lots of places across the world have a festival in honor of Chinese New Year, such as the 2nd Annual San Gabriel Lunar New Year Festival this past weekend. This massive street fair took place along Mission Drive in San Gabriel, closing off a few streets and causing traffic headaches to anyone driving by while at the same time pleasing everyone who attended the festival on foot. At this free and all-ages street fair, visitors encountered food, vendors, arts & crafts, live entertainment, games, and more. Prominently, one could not escape the color red among everyone set up here. From the booths to the banners to the merchandise, everyone here definitely saw red and continued to see red as some of the booths handed out free red tote bags. When looking at the various booths here, this festival catered more to the local mom & pop businesses instead of corporate businesses. Most Asian-themed festivals I have attended generally has a heavy influence of corporate businesses, so made for a refreshing change to not see big names all over the place.

While the actual Chinese New Year already occurred this past Saturday, plenty more Lunar New Year festivals will take place within the upcoming weeks, including a major one in Chinatown this weekend. Check out your local cities to see if anymore Lunar New Year festivals will occur, since many of them make for a fun afternoon with friends and family.

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