Adults Can Still Play With Toys Too, As Proven at Bricks LA 2017, a Lego Expo

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Events, Los Angeles
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Legos – we all grew up with it, and while it has largely remained a toy for children, it has captivated our hearts so much that we can still enjoy it as adults. Thankfully, the world has Lego expos and conventions for those still young at heart, such as at Bricks LA 2017, a Lego exhibit. Taking place at the Pasadena Conference Center this past weekend, this exhibit for all things Legos contained multiple aisles of carefully curated works of art constructed with Lego pieces. Visitors paid an admission of $10 and gained access to the floor full of Lego sculptures, landscapes, artwork, Lego machines, and more. While visitors could interact with the master builders behind some of these works, most of the tables simply had the Lego artworks with no one else around to inquire about the work. The center of the floor primarily contained Lego art on display, while the outer areas had more. The back wall had all of the vendors, most of which sold Lego sets and other paraphernalia. The front area had some of the interactive demos, such as a medieval-themed board game.

Compared to last year’s Bricks LA, not too much has changed as far as content goes. On one hand, the price of admission doubled from last year’s $5 admission, and at the same time the event did not get any bigger. On the other hand, this year’s Bricks LA felt a lot more interactive. While last year’s event only had exhibits and vendors, this year featured a “sandbox” area for anyone to construct whatever they felt like. A few of the exhibits allowed attendees to interact with the constructs, such as the Ultimate Nexo Brick Battle near the front of the event. This game resembled a medieval board game of four teams trying to take out the competition to remain the last team standing on the field.

If you love Legos and/or art in general, you owe it to yourself to check out Bricks LA when it next returns. When will it return? To find out, give Bricks LA a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter. I attended Bricks LA on Saturday afternoon, prime time for most people to attend. Still, it did not have as many crazy kids running amok as I had expected. Sure you could see everything in less than an hour, but at that low admission price, Bricks LA makes for a fun activity that anyone can enjoy.


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