Preview: The 13th Annual Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Dessert, Events, Food, Long Beach, Restaurant
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This Saturday afternoon, the 13th Annual Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival returns to Long Beach from 12pm to 4pm along 2nd Street, rain or shine. Set up similarly to Stroll & Savor, this all-ages festival features a Homemade Chocolate Dessert Contest and various Pie-Eating Contests, in addition to the restaurants up and down 2nd Street sampling their chocolate goodies. Chase Bank will host the central hub, where guests can purchase ticket booklets and find more information regarding the fest, as well as locate the dessert contest entries and pie-eating contests, which start around 3pm. Anyone wanting to enter the dessert contest should fill out a form found on the aforementioned website link. This year, the organizers have removed the extra activities such as the Cake Walk and Valentine Heart Walk, and will focus solely on the tastings and contests.

As far as the general public goes, guests may purchase booklets of 12 tickets for $10 on the day of the fest at participating businesses along 2nd Street.Guests will use these tickets to redeem food items from participating businesses up and down 2nd Street. Food items will range in ticket cost, with most items costing one ticket and larger food items costing four or more. Sadly, the public may not try any of the desserts from the homemade dessert contest due to the health code. However, the food from the businesses should more than sate your appetite. For most people, one $10 booklet should suffice. For those with a larger appetite, I suggest arriving early and acquiring two booklets in order to have time to eat everything before the participating businesses run out of food for the event.

A handful of events will take place in or near Belmont Shore this month, ranging from food to shopping to pets to art and more. Get the latest news on Belmont Shore events by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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