5 Free Software Beneficial to College Students

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Top 5
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The internet has blessed the world as a wonderful tool of vast resources. Thanks to the advent of the internet, many of the ways of living of the 1990’s and earlier have had to adapt to this new platform. Much of television and movies have gone digital, including sites that offer subscription services to watch programs. Video gaming now utilizes an online account to keep track of games, and you can now download them in addition to buying a physical copy of the game. Social media has made networking, communicating, and sharing things a daily facet of life. Education even has multiple uses with new technology replacing outdated methods of learning and teaching. With so much available on the internet, sometimes people lose track of the neat things you can find. While sites may try to bog you down with prices for services (such as Hulu), many others provide services for free. Read on for a brief list of free software available online that college and university students ought to check out.

5. Zotero

For writing essays and reports, check out Zotero. Zotero catalogues your research and manages your citations. Other neat features of Zotero include note-taking, a web extension to collect sources easily, and reading/translating foreign languages. Other citations-organizing software exist, and each of them has their own unique UI. Some people like Zotero for its UI, while others will prefer the other software. Give Zotero a try since it costs nothing, and see how it can help you organize your research and citations for your paper.

4. LaTeX

Any student can write any typical report or essay. However, if aesthetics matter, always go to LaTeX for typesetting documents. LaTeX can format any document with ease, especially technical documents that follow a stylesheet. Many templates already exist online, as well as offshoots of LaTeX and extensions of it. LaTeX also knows how to handle citations, in case you want to combine it with software that manages your citations. Traditionally, students used word-processing software to do things like this. Now with LaTeX’s superiority in formatting, students ought to learn and use LaTeX for all their papers.

3. Mendeley

When students write reports or essays, they must cite where they obtained their research and information from, known as citations. For students with difficulty managing their citations, look to Mendeley to manage research. Similar to the aforementioned Zotero, Mendeley organizes and manages all referencing and bibliographies in many different notations. Mendeley works by storing your articles & references, and then sorting it for you by whatever order you choose. While similar to Zotero, many students prefer the UI and look of Mendeley, as many reviews cite Mendeley as very user-friendly. Mendeley also comes with a handful of other functions, so check out how Mendeley can help you out today.

2. Symbolab

Wolfram Alpha has endured as one of the most popular mathematics solutions software for many years. Many similar software have appeared over time, but finally we have a top competitor in Symbolab. This free step-by-step math solver can show you the steps of all of your equations and math problems, including derivatives, integrals, and other mathematical processes. While Symbolab may not contain as many additional functions and features as its top competitor Wolfram Alpha, Symbolab shows you all you need to do in order to accomplish your mathematics needs, and at least you can use Symbolab for free.

1. Anki

When studying for a test, many students often rely on flashcards to help with memorization and recalling. Students now have a better tool for preparing for exams in the form of Anki. Anki represents the best way to memorize large amounts of information and makes recalling data easier than ever with intelligent digital flashcards. Based on the concept of spaced learning, Anki will quiz you before you forget the item. While simple to set up, Anki takes a little time to work out the intricacies. Once you learn how to make good flashcards though, you can start studying to ace that exam. Between formulas, obscure names, or random statistics you need to learn, Anki makes it a breeze.


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