Heat Seekers – KFC Stands For Korean Fried Chicken at Jumping Däk Savory Chicken

Posted: January 3, 2017 in Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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While corporate chains tend to pose problems for local mom & pop shops, sometimes they can revitalize an area. An area may lack cultural diversity, sometimes due to the location or the local population’s culture or inability to adapt new ways. When a corporate chain steps in, sure they bring in the same thing that all of their other locations carry, but this can bring about change in the location that they step into. For example, think about a Kentucky Fried Chicken opening in China. Traditionally, fried chicken represents a foreign concept to the Chinese. However, the introduction of Kentucky Fried Chicken in China proved successful, as the local population got hooked on this American-style fried chicken. They got hooked on it so much that Eastern culture tried to imitate it and create their own version, which led to the eventual creation of Korean Fried Chicken. Lots of Korean restaurants and shops now serve Korean Fried Chicken, such as the recently-opened Jumping Däk.

If you visit Jumping Däk, you will get Korean Fried Chicken and not much else, but you will get Korean Fried Chicken made very well! Having just opened less than a month ago, Jumping Däk boasts a menu specializing in the savory food, along with sides and desserts to accompany the main course. This fast-casual restaurant replaced an old Hawaiian BBQ fast-food restaurant that never really saw too many customers. However, with the recent opening of a ramen restaurant next door, it made sense to open something here to take advantage of the overflow of the ramen restaurant’s customers, and here we have Jumping Däk. For those who have never tasted Korean Fried Chicken, luckily Jumping Däk provides samples of their three flavors: Sweet, Spicy (pictured below), and Fiery. Sweet and Fiery explain themselves, while Spicy represents a happy medium of the Sweet and Fiery. Basically, imagine popcorn chicken tossed in their signature sauces. Customers can enjoy this Korean Fried Chicken a la carte, as a sandwich, or as a combo with sides and a drink. Jumping Däk also utilizes a unique method for a dessert: Preferé Ice Cream. If you have seen or used a Keurig machine before, this concept will feel familiar. They take a small sealed cup of ice cream and place it in the top of the machine, which then dispenses soft-serve ice cream. I personally have not tried it yet, so I cannot attest if it tastes better than regular soft-serve ice cream – I will save that for a future blog post.

Jumping Däk opened their first location in Buena Park in early December 2016. They said they have plans to open additional locations, including a second location somewhere in Northern California. To see what they have planned for 2017, make sure you like them on Facebook for updates as they come. In the meantime, make sure you visit Jumping Däk in Buena Park soon and experience some real KFC for yourself. At Jumping Däk, KFC stands for Korean Fried Chicken, not that other corporate place.


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