Beer Up – Covina Hides an Organic Brewery & Winery Called REV Brewing Co.

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Beer, Los Angeles, Wine
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Craft beer has long passed its introductory phase, and has made it into the mainstream of today’s society and culture. While mass media will still portray the macro beers in commercials and ads, most avid beer drinkers will know to steer clear away from the macro beers in favor of the local microbreweries. With the high popularity of microbreweries, nearly every populated area has some form of brewery, whether a full production facility or a small-town brewpub. Some local breweries may go into other products, such as coffees, teas, and soft drinks. Other breweries may derive from an existing business, such as with the case of REV Brewing Co.

If you have never gone to REV Brewing Co., you may never know how to find it. Hidden away in an industrial office space in Covina, REV Brewing got their start over a decade ago as a winery. Times change, and REV eventually expanded to start brewing beer. However, their original plan of producing only organic products has not changed. To this day, REV Brewing still churns out only organic wines and beers out of that little production facility they have in Covina. Speaking of which, while they do have a tasting room, if one has never visited them before, it may take some effort to locate REV Brewing. They lie beyond a closed gate, and to gain access, visitors must first call REV Brewing to ask to open the gate. Only then can you get past the gate and to park by REV Brewing. Once you do though, you will discover a comfy cozy tasting room with fresh beers and wines available for you to taste. If you intend to drink for a bit, consider bringing food to munch on while you get your suds on.

While REV Brewing surely does not reside on the minds of many Southern Californian beer drinkers, they still have a fair presence in restaurants, bars, and bottle shops. See what REV Brewing has going on by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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