Pork Yeah! Hatch Combines a Tiki Bar with Amazing Sliders

Posted: December 27, 2016 in Beer, Burgers, Drinks, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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When people go to dine out or enjoy some drinks, they often seek the complete experience more than simply going out. Going out represents an experience in itself, not just going to fulfill a hunger or thirst. Experiences vary between people, depending on what they deem as interesting versus others who deem things by how much they fulfill. For example, a plain dive bar or simple fast-food restaurant may satisfy some people, while others may prefer a more lively place to enjoy some time. Some of these places have themes that give the place a different ambiance; for example, a Tiki Bar often has islander themed beverages, along with food to go with the theme. In addition to the products, a Tiki Bar may also decorate the place appropriately. If you seek a place that does all of this right, look no further than Hatch.

Despite its short and nondescript name, Hatch contains a lot within a small space. Located in a back corner of the Union Market in Tustin, Hatch delivers a full Tiki Bar experience with a wide assortment of delicious beverages along great food that both serve as a meal or as a pairing with their beverages. On the beverage side, Hatch follows the craft beer industry by rotating beers continuously, also keeping their taps fresh and current with the season. In homage to the Tiki Bar experience, Hatch boasts a full lineup of exotic rums from around the world, lending to some incredible cocktails that one cannot find easily anywhere else. Besides the drinks, Hatch offers a great selection of gourmet sliders and sides. For $14 (price subject to change in the future), you select two sliders plus a side of your choice. The menu currently contains at least 15 slider varieties, which includes some vegetarian varieties. I have yet to try all of their sliders, but so far I have eaten the following:

  • The Hatch: all-beef patty, fried onions, hatch sauce, cheddar hat
  • Fried Soft Shell Crab: fried crab, tomato, greens togarashi aioli
  • Rum Braised Pork: pulled pork, roasted garlic aioli, pineapple chutney, cilantro
  • Duck: duck patty, Asian slaw, cilantro, barbecue sauce

Hatch opens their doors to the public seven days a week inside the Union Market in Tustin, which offers free self-parking as well as (not-free) valet parking. Head on over and check out their wonderful menu for both their sliders and their drinks. Check out Hatch on Facebook to see what else they have cooking up.

The HatchSoft Shell CrabRum Braised PorkDuck


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