Beef It Up – Burger Boss Opens Another Store in a Prime Location in Cypress

Posted: December 20, 2016 in Bacon, Burgers, Events, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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This past Saturday, Burger Boss officially opened the doors to their fourth (unconfirmed?) location in Cypress right next to Cypress High School. This location used to hold an old strip mall with small shops, which included the former Furnace Skate Shop location. This center has since then undergone reconstruction into new shops, possibly gentrifying the area to better attract locals to the area, especially teenagers of the nearby Cypress High School. Residing alongside popular businesses such as 85°C Bakery and Pieology, Burger Boss has come to deliver good food and good-for-you food with their local and sustainable ingredients. Burger Boss allows customers to build their own burger from the base up by selecting all of the ingredients that go into their sandwich. Starting with the bun and protein, customers then choose the cheese(s), sauce(s), and toppings. This concept also applies to the fries at Burger Boss, where customers can select the sauce(s) and toppings that go with the fries. As far as the full menu goes, it ends there for Burger Boss, as they do not offer much else aside from fountain drinks. While a lot of other burger joints provide milkshakes, Burger Boss foregoes that to opt for a healthier approach to dining, since milkshakes go against healthy dining. The presentation of the food in those steel baskets greatly resembles other well-known burger joints, such as Smashburger and The Habit Burger Grill.

Burger Boss has other locations in Riverside/Moreno Valley, Lake Forest, and Mission Viejo, with more locations planned for Tustin and Newport Beach (which may have already opened by the time you read this post). All locations boast the same menu, so stop on in and experience the all-natural flavor that food should taste like. Check out what Burger Boss has going on, including updates for their upcoming locations, by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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