Experiencing Artisanal LA in a Brand New Manner at Their Holiday City Market

Posted: December 7, 2016 in Art, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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Southern California has such a diverse culture that appreciates many different things. Nowhere else does this diversity appear more in than within the cuisine here. Southern California houses so many different types of food that keeping track of them all turns into a job rather than a chore. Luckily, Southern California has food events, such as Artisanal LA, that allow visitors to experience what Southern California has to offer to your curious tastebuds. For something completely different this time, Artisanal LA teamed up with Arcadia to transform their trademark designer food expo into a one-of-a-kind street fair. At this free and all-ages event, visitors to this European market-inspired local shopping experience encountered the latest trends in food, drinks, fashion, accessories, and more. Whereas the official Artisanal LA features dozens of artists, chefs, bakers, designers, and more from across the world, this small event only had a few dozen set up what appeared to outsiders as a farmer’s market. Unlike a farmer’s market, this event did not have fresh produce, but it did have fresh goods!

Artisanal LA conducts a semiannual show at The Reef in South Central Los Angeles, bringing along with it a slew of local designer goods for our eyes and mouths. At Artisanal LA, this two-day all-ages event allows visitors to stroll through the numerous aisles filled with local artisanal vendors, where visitors can sample products, purchase products, or receive information about services for future business. At select times during the weekend, seminars would take place, where visitors can sit down to listen and watch demos or learn about things. Around every corner, most products sold consist of snacks, especially jerky, or dessert, such as cookies, cupcakes, candy, and more. I would anticipate that anyone arriving without a sweet tooth may feel left out of the many vendors present. Check out Artisanal LA semiannually around April and October, and keep up with their news on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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