Beef It Up – Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern Reminds You of the Good Ol’ Days with Upscale Comfort Food

Posted: December 1, 2016 in Bacon, Burgers, Dessert, Drinks, Food, Los Angeles, Orange County, Restaurant, San Diego
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As we grow older, our tastes change to shape the life of maturity that has enveloped us. As children, we preferred generally simpler foods, or foods popular within our culture. As time passes, our palates expand to include many other flavors, opening our minds to trying out lots of different foods out there. But while we start to eat differently as adults, sometimes we crave what we once had during our youths. Today, we refer to that as comfort food – food that reminds us of the comfort of home and childhood. Many gastropubs specialize in comfort food, but they do so in varying degrees of quality. Sure one can go to the local fast-food joint and get a cheap burger, but one can eat comfortably and exquisitely at a comfy restaurant, such as at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern.

If you seek classic American cuisine with an artisanal touch, look no further than Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern (JFAT). Reinventing traditional restaurant faire, JFAT covers many grounds of cuisine familiar to many with their high-quality approach to cooking. Currently boasting four locations between Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Diego County, and with a fifth location opening soon, JFAT takes what you know about traditional American restaurants and turns it up to eleven. Between brunch, lunch, dinner, and a full bar, any time of the day makes for a great time to stop on by JFAT and enjoy a bite or sip or more. Their beverage offering alone always stays current with the seasons, as they routinely rotate out their craft beer offerings as well as their fine wines. People also love the cocktails at JFAT, as the drinks here range from sweet to spicy, mild to bold, and more.

On the food side, JFAT pays close attention to not only the quality, but the portions of their dishes. Even their appetizers and sides can function as a full meal. Most customers start right off with the ‘Buffalo BBQ Style’ Certified Angus Beef Meatballs, juicy meatballs sitting in spicy wing sauce and served with honey-garlic ranch. These meatballs come with some kind of caramelization on the outside, so you get a crispy, sweet, and slightly sticky outer coating that holds a juicy, meaty interior. At $13, you cannot go wrong with this starting appetizer. For the vegetarians out there, the Signature Grilled Santa Fe Caesar Salad represents a masterpiece. Grilled Romaine holds corn, salsa fresca, avocado, and green chile Caesar dressing. This large salad can function as an entrée, and tastes like one too thanks to the grilling of the Romaine that gives it a smoky and meaty flavor. This salad only costs $12, or for $6 more, you can add grilled prime flatiron steak, spiced shrimp, rare seared ahi, or grilled or fried chicken. As another side or starter, customers rave about the $9 Charred Brussels Sprouts, which JFAT serves with applewood-smoked bacon and pine nuts, all of which sits in a pool of maple syrup and bacon fat. For a traditional pub entrée, go with a burger, such as their Jimmy Burger. This $18 burger comes with applewood-smoked bacon, spicy jalapeño jam, and southern pimento cheese. Although more sweet and hearty than spicy, a little bit of heat kicks in at the end, giving a full spectrum of flavor in each bite. For a kinfe & fork entrée, JFAT’s Southern Fried Chicken represents a fan favorite thanks to the Herbes de Provence present in the batter. This entrée costs $19 and comes served with garlic mashed potatoes, thyme gravy, and green beans. JFAT proudly boasts a seasoned pastry chef that eloquently designs their desserts, such as Jimmy’s ‘Old School’ treat. In a large glass goblet, JFAT combines warm chocolate chip cookies, vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and roasted peanuts. This massive dessert that can feed at least two people costs only $12.

While the menu and food at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern looks and sounds familiar, one cannot judge a book by its cover. You cannot appreciate the flavor until you try it for yourself. Head on over to Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern at Point Loma (San Diego), Dana Point, Brea, or Woodland Hills to savor American cuisine at its finest. Also pay attention to their Facebook and Twitter pages for details about their upcoming Santa Monica location, as well as new food and drinks that may arrive in the future.

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