Beer Up – Orange County Welcomes Another Microbrewery Called Gunwhale Ales

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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Nothing can stop the big boom of craft beer in the country. Times have changed, and the people want quality over quantity. During the 20th century, mass production and the advent of media and advertising meant that the big corporations got word of their mass-produced products out to the public, overshadowing the local mom & pop shops. As time passed, preferences changed to the local goods, and the big corporations started to buy out the little guys. We now enter the 21st century, where the internet reigns supreme as far as advertising and information trading goes. As such, people want something different and unique, not the same things seen everywhere. So when a new local establishment pops up, people will surely flock to it, such as with Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa.

Saying hello to another microbrewery in Orange County, we arrive at Gunwhale Ales. Located in Costa Mesa just across the street from Barley Forge (another microbrewery), Gunwhale Ales has arrived to dish out their take on craft beers. They already have an expansive facility with a spacious brewing area and plenty of seating, including an enclosed patio. Upon taking a step into the building, we discover an entirely different world than the urban sprawl on the outside. Gunwhale Ales follows a hunting theme, complete with decorations that would remind one of the outdoors, woods, and woodsmen. Similarly, the brews follow a sort of trend with the saisons and farmhouse ales offered. To add on to the outdoors theme, instead of the typical brown glass growlers that most other breweries offer, Gunwhale Ales carries crowlers instead. They function just as well as traditional brown glass growlers, but will not break due to its aluminum build.

Check out Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa open Tuesdays through Sundays starting at 11am. In the meantime, check out Gunwhale Ales on Facebook and Twitter to see what else they have in store.

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