Heat Seekers – Taste Testing Gringo Bandito Hot Sauces

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Food
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Success does not stack up on just one spectrum. When measuring levels of success, one cannot look at one line, or a ladder, so to speak. Success comes in many different directions. One can specialize in one thing and gain success due to that one particular aspect. For example, GoPro specializes in their action cameras, and while they have other products, the general public only recognizes GoPro for their action cameras. However, some paths have a certain ceiling to success, and when one reaches that ceiling, they must branch off to find success elsewhere. For example, musicians traditionally have such a ceiling of success that they can attain, with the occasional exception of musicians who truly transcend their time. Rock bands such as Reel Big Fish and The Offspring can only gain so much success, so when they have reached their cap on music fame, they turn to side projects. For example, Dan Regan left Reel Big Fish a few years ago to open a microbrewery. Just over a decade ago, The Offspring’s frontman Dexter Holland opened up a side project in his hometown to whip up hot sauces that he has named Gringo Bandito.

Armed with the success of their music career, frontman of the multi-platinum group The Offspring’s Dexter Holland founded Gringo Bandito hot sauces in 2004. Many of the mainstream brands of hot sauces do not contain the proper proportion of peppers in the sauces, so those who consume mainstream hot sauces have turned complacent to how spicy a hot sauce should taste. With Gringo Bandito hot sauces, you only get vinegar and peppers, simply natural ingredients with nothing hidden. Gringo Bandito hot sauces come in three primary varieties: traditional red, salsa verde (green sauce), and super hot. Quite frankly, albeit I cannot take foods beyond medium spiciness, the super hot sauce contained plenty of upfront flavor that the spiciness really does not affect me until the very end. Despite the generous percent of peppers in these sauces, the heat does not torture your palate, so you can have your heat and eat it too.

As an annual treat, Gringo Bandito releases Private Reserve hot sauces created in small batches. TODAY starting at 9am Pacific time, Gringo Bandito will have three Private Reserve flavors available: Yellow Bhut, Yellow Moruga and Yellow Carolina Reaper. Interested patrons can order within three package tiers:

  • Super Duper: Signed & numbered Private Reserve bottle with foil label, custom pine box, two guitar picks, certificate of authenticity, t-shirt, and a cheapskate bottle to taste
  • Just Super: Private Reserve bottle with foil label, custom pine box, two guitar picks, certificate of authenticity, and a cheapskate bottle to taste
  • Cheapskate: Single bottle of Private Reserve with circle label

One lucky customer who buys the Super Duper will win a signed guitar. Gringo Bandito will offer 350 Super Duper’s, 100 Just Super’s, and 200 Cheapskate Editions. They will not sell any more than that, so once they sell out, you will have to wait until next year to taste these extra hot sauces.

I concocted a live taste taste of these hot sauces, so if you would like to watch as I taste them, click here to check out my live stream! This link will expire on the night of Saturday, December 3rd.

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