The 7th Annual Nuke the Fridge Con returns to the Frank & Son Collectible Show in Rowland Heights this Saturday. This FREE and all-ages event showcases countless forms of pop culture, reaching out to fans of nearly anything imaginable. Taking place inside a large warehouse with multiple aisles filled with vendors and booths, the Nuke the Fridge Con has all the memorabilia to satisfy any collector’s dream. From comics to video games to anime to sports, any visitor can easily find something that will interest him/her, or at the very least find the right gift for friends and/or family. In the previous years, this event had lasted two days: Saturday and Sunday. This year, it will only last for one day due to the celebrity appearances, namely those of professional wrestling.

The Nuke the Fridge Con attracts thousands of visitors annually due to its free cost and amount of content. As it takes place in mid-November typically, this event makes a great opportunity to search for holiday gifts for your friends and/or family. With so much to see here, you have little reason to not go to Nuke the Fridge Con. Give them a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter to see what else they have planned.


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