Beer Up – Visiting Legends Craft Brewery, One of Orange County’s Top Rising Microbreweries

Posted: November 11, 2016 in Beer, Orange County
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Nothing can stop the growth of craft beer in the world. As time passes, consumers want more of local quality and care versus the mass-produced items from factories. Big corporations often mass-produce with less than desirable ingredients. Humanity has hit an all-time low when having real/natural ingredients in food indicates a selling point. A restaurant can use all-natural ingredients in food but charge an exorbitant amount compared to fast-food chains that sell cheap food with questionable ingredients. A sense of safety and comfort come from knowing that your food and drinks will not cheat on you, which explains the desire for craft beer since microbreweries brew their drinks with the utmost care, such as at Legends Craft Brewery.

Despite Anaheim’s toughness on small businesses, Legends Craft Brewery has persevered through the tough beginner months to establish themselves as one of Orange County’s staple breweries. Located somewhat between Anaheim Brewery and Noble Ale Works, Legends slowly but surely has risen up to craft out a good name for themselves among the locals. They have not progressed extremely fast like some other funded breweries, but they have not trailed behind in business growth either. This shows signs of understanding of the market and the locals, as Legends grows with the community instead of outpacing it or falling behind. This reflects very well in their beers, as Legends makes a handful of beers that locals love to drink repeatedly, as well as a few more brews with a stronger profile where they can experiment and expand on.

Although Legends does not appear too often at local beer festivals, they have a solid presence at restaurants and bars throughout Southern California, as well as some of the key festivals. Check out what else Legends has coming up by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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