Jamming with the Kiddies at the 6th Annual Konsept Art & Music Festival

Posted: November 9, 2016 in Art, Events, Music, Orange County
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Art, music, fashion, photography, live entertainment, and more all collided into one epic weekend last week in Downtown Santa Ana as the Konsept Art & Music Festival returned for its sixth year running. In the past, this festival had only taken place on one day. This year, due to its rising popularity, it has expanded to take over the streets of Downtown Santa Ana, as well as take place over three days. Free to attend for all ages, this festival brought dozens of local vendors selling apparel and accessories, dozens of local musicians, and lots of people for the miniature skate park constructed at the southern parking lot in front of the Yost Theater. Since this took place on the streets and occurred concurrently with a Dia de los Muertos street fair, a lot of street closures occurred at Downtown Santa Ana, creating a gigantic traffic cluster. For those with the patience, they got to enjoy two free street fairs this past weekend, making for a fun afternoon out with friends and family. Keep these events in mind for next year when it comes back again.


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