Getting Hot & Spicy at the 3rd Annual Orange County Halal Food Fest

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Events, Food, Food Truck, Orange County
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The Orange County Halal Food Fest returned for its third year running this past Saturday. Taking place at the Islamic Society of Orange County in Garden Grove/Westminster, this free and all-ages event consisted of dozens of mobile food vendors all serving up Halal foods. The term “Halal” does not refer to a type of cuisine in itself; rather, Halal refers to a standard of food preparation, similar to how the word Kosher defines food. In addition, Halal does not refer to only food and drinks – Halal indicates a standard, and applies to other things such as clothing and literature. As a result, this event contained more than just food – it provided plenty of vendors selling apparel and accessories, and it provided plenty of entertainment throughout the day.

Halal largely refers to Islamic Law, but does not restrict itself to only those of the original nationality. As such, we see all sorts of people at events like this. For more information about occurring events and other news, check out the Islamic Society of Orange County on Facebook and Twitter.


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