Beer Up – Belching Beaver Celebrates Their 4th Anniversary Oktoberfest Style

Posted: November 2, 2016 in Beer, Events, San Diego
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The concept of a flagship product can make or break a business. When a business or company wants to go big, they want the people to generally recognize a specific product. Specialization in a certain product leads to the development of a signature item or a flagship product. Sometimes, a company will make ONLY that item and make it well. Other times, a company will make a variety of products, yet the public will generally recognize only one. For example, a few years ago, I once overheard a stranger ordering a beer called Orange 24. Any Southern Californian craft beer enthusiast will immediately recognize that specific beer. Elsewhere, other breweries carry flagship beers too, such as San Diego’s Belching Beaver.

As one of San Diego’s larger breweries, Belching Beaver has crafted quite a name for themselves ever since their grand opening four years ago. They possess a massive lineup of different beers, and have since expanded to at least four locations. Despite all this, people perhaps recognize Belching Beaver most for their Peanut Butter Milk Stout. Most breweries have a beer that the people know the brewery for, and Belching Beaver has just that with the flavorful sweet stout. Belching Beaver delivered that beer and many more at their 4th Anniversary Party this past Saturday at their Oceanside production facility. Those who attended received two 8oz beer pours, two 8oz specialty pours, one raffle ticket, and a 16oz “Das Boot” anniversary glass. Along with all the strong beers they served up, Belching Beaver had a few food vendors too, including a dessert vendor that used the beers in the desserts.

In addition to this Oceanside production facility, Belching Beaver has their first production facility in Vista, a tasting room in North Park, and a restaurant in Vista. See what else Belching Beaver has in store by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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