Beer Up – Stereo Brewing Joins the Ranks of Prestigious Orange County Breweries

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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Craft beer continues to rise up across the nation, despite the efforts of big corporations trying to stomp out the competition. This year’s Great American Beer Festival proved just that because, relative to the total amount of medals awarded, macro beers accounted for the lowest percentage of medal winners in the last decade (according to beer industry folks who attended this year’s festival). The growth will not stop as long as aspiring minds and entrepreneurs strive for their dreams. Craft beer reigns supreme in Orange County, as over 40 breweries now exist in this geographically small county, which includes the recently opened Stereo Brewing.

Further strengthening the brewery scene for Orange County (especially North Orange County), Stereo Brewing has opened their doors to the public this past Saturday. Located at the southeastern end of Placentia near where Yorba Linda meets Anaheim Hills, Stereo Brewing joins the prestigious ranks of other local microbreweries, such as The Bruery and Bottle Logic, that have a good-size tasting room that can accommodate food trucks. Take one step into Stereo Brewing and you will see that a lot of attention went into the detail of decorating and designing the tasting room. Themed after the founder’s love for music, Stereo Brewing not only names their brews after music names and terms, but has various props and items on display in the tasting room that has some significance to the music industry. Southern Californian craft beer enthusiasts may recognize this theme in another brewery, Acoustic Ales. Though unrelated, the breweries share a passion for music, something that anyone can appreciate. I mean, music got me through a tough time in my life, so when others share their love for music, it makes it more comfortable to relate.

Stereo Brewing opens their tasting room five days a week currently, and routinely has events at their tasting room, such as live music, food trucks, and television/sports programs. Check out their website above for a complete schedule, and check them out on Facebook as well.


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