Preview: The 2nd Annual Ooze Fest – Southern California’s Premier Cheese Festival

Posted: October 13, 2016 in Beer, Dessert, Events, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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This upcoming weekend, food news & media giant Foodbeast will team up with Orange County event planners 100eats to bring back one of their largest events for its second year running, Ooze Festival, to the parking lot in front of the Yost Theater in Downtown Santa Ana. Hailed as Southern California’s premier cheese festival, this tasting event brings out dozens of Orange County restaurants to serve up their best cheese-inspired food samples to the hundreds of attendees. In addition, a handful of Southern California’s microbreweries set up to serve some refreshing brews to pair with all the food going around.

New this year, Ooze Fest will cater to two entirely different types of admissions. The first admission method involves pay-as-you-go. The event will take place on both this Saturday and Sunday opening at 12pm and closing at 10pm. Ooze Fest will run continuously during that time, and cost $10 to enter. Once inside, attendees will then have to pay for any food they wish to consume. This works best for those who do not plan to eat as much, or want to selectively choose what to eat or drink. The second admission method involves a traditional food fest operation. This will run from 5pm to 9pm each evening, and for $50, any attendee will receive unlimited food samples for this duration. Due to the nature of how the organizers set this up, I do not expect any vendor to run out of food, although I cannot guarantee that, so I still suggest arriving as early as possible.

Due to the tendency for food festivals like this to turn into a line fest, I would take caution with the $50 food fest experience. This works best with a small group, as each group member can stand in different lines and then bring food back to the group, cutting the wait time down considerably. Alternatively, for the frugal, look up the list of vendors on their website (linked above), and simply visit those establishments on your own free time. Doing so basically eliminates the $10 entry fee and allows you to not have to deal with lines and potentially overpriced food samples.

For more posts from the organizers, check out Foodbeast on Facebook and Twitter, and 100eats on Facebook and Twitter.


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