Getting Chocolate Wasted at the Los Angeles Ice Cream Takedown

Posted: September 15, 2016 in Dessert, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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Colloquially referred to as “God’s gift to man’s stomach,” Ice Cream represents the epitomé of comfort dessert. A simple dessert, nearly everyone has grown up to appreciate ice cream as a dessert that appeals to nearly anybody. This past Sunday, Los Angeles got a taste of an ice cream haven at the Los Angeles ICe Cream Takedown at the Bootleg Theater in Westlake. Local home cooks and chefs entered their prized ice cream concoctions into this competition & all-ages food fest, hoping to take home the coveted prize of the best ice cream. Hungry attendees paid only $15 for this all-you-can-eat ice cream gorge-out.

The Ice Cream Takedown took place in the back theater section of the venue, complete with theater-style seating and a large open floor to set up the tables. Tables lined the outer edges of the floor, forming an upside-down U facing the seats. Signs with numbers 1-6 hung from each table half, running from the left corner all the way to the right, representing six total entrants, with the left side reserved for professional ice cream businesses that represented the judges for the other ice cream. Clutter never occurred, as because of the all-you-can-eat nature, the attendees split their time perfectly between eating and browsing. As for drinks, the venue has a bar in the front concert room of the building, where attendees could get soft drinks, beer, or wine.

Most of the entrants utilized some ingredient or technique that set them apart from the rest. No entrant made simple traditional ice cream – each ice cream had something to make it glorified. With only six participants, attendees could sample as much as they could handle.

  1. Waldorf ice cream, influenced by the Waldorf salad
  2. Snickerdoodle ice cream
  3. Japanese-style ice cream with yuzu and candied lemon peel
  4. Cocktail ice cream with real bourbon
  5. Vanilla praline ice cream
  6. Chocolate cashew ice cream

The Takedowns holds these competitions in other places than just Southern California! They go cross-country and hold takedowns for not only different types of foods, but for anything that can merit a competition. For example, the next takedown will occur in two weeks in Brooklyn and will focus on LOBSTER. Make sure you LIKE The Takedowns in Facebook to receive information about their upcoming events, as they may stop by a place near you!

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