Beer Up – Scholb Premium Ales Helps to Expand the Unstoppable Craft Beer Growth in Torrance

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Beer, Los Angeles
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When it comes to local craft beer in Los Angeles County, it comes as no surprise that Torrance houses the greatest congregation of microbreweries out of the entire county. With seven breweries all within a few miles of each other, one can take a walking tour of all of them in just a day (sans HopSaint, the outlier), though I do suggest hitching a ride to the western two. While one may think that having so many breweries so close to each other would amount to cannibalizing sales, these breweries all support each other in growth, so proximity does not hurt them at all. We know that Cosmic Ales recently opened up right in between Smog City and Monkish. Earlier this year, Absolution Brewing also got to say hi to a new neighbor, Scholb Premium Ales.

Just a few buildings down from Absolution Brewing lies Scholb Premium Ales, another entry into the South Bay microbrewery family. A portmanteau of the last names of the co-owners, Scholb Premium Ales represents your tried & true mom & pop shop. Walking in to Scholb Premium Ales, you will not get the feeling of walking into a sponsored brewery, or some brewery that leaks money out of every corner. Instead, you get a homely feeling where you can enjoy your brews surrounded by good company and friendly vibes. Scholb Premium Ales will generally have at least ten brews available to serve at any given time, and those brews cover the general spectrum of beer styles. Typical of California, they usually have a variety of IPA’s available as well, because we all know how much Californians love IPA’s as much as many people love bacon.

If you find yourself in the Torrance neck of the woods, consider stopping by Scholb Premium Ales to enjoy a cold one or two, or take a sampler flight of five beers. Check out Scholb Premium Ales on Facebook and Twitter to see what else they have brewing up.


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