Beer Up – Unsung Brewing Opens Their Doors to the Public in Anaheim to a Ravishing Crowd

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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Often times when you build up enough hype, you generate a huge fan base that will never falter. Despite what critics may say, the fans will still throw their love towards their hearts’ desire. Ultimate fans often get called the slang term “White Knights” because of their undying resolve to defend what they like, regardless of what others say. For example, DC Comics fans stand by the movie Suicide Squad despite negative reviews from official movie critics. After all, critics went to go see a film, not reaffirm their passion for the DC Comics universe. The same thing happens virtually anywhere – fans of a video game, television show, and even beer will stand by their favorite choice, no matter what happens. A successful business can build up hype for a future product with various methods of marketing such as trailers, interviews, commercials, and more. For example, Niantic did just that by announcing Pokémon GO a year before its release on July 5, 2016. Locally, a brewery-in-planning has made appearances at local bars, restaurants, and beer festivals since the beginning of 2016, but has not said much else, especially because they did not have a public location. That all changed this past Friday, as Unsung Brewing finally opened their doors to the public.

Anaheim looks like the craft beer city of Orange County, and that just strengthened with the introduction of Unsung Brewing. While Unsung Brewing brews their beers in a facility in Tustin, their tasting room just opened in Anaheim directly across the train tracks from the Packing District near Downtown Anaheim. Founder Mike Crea has an extensive background in the beer industry, and knew exactly how to launch his new concept here in Southern California. I know that he moved here from somewhere east of here… I want to say Chicago or somewhere around there. But anyway, he sets Unsung Brewing apart from other breweries with his unique theme to not just the brewery, but all of the brews as well. Unsung Brewing follows a comic book theme – all of the beers bear a name tied to a fictional character plus the appropriate artwork for that beer, and all of these beers have a story to go with them. As such, he has caught the attention of many Southern Californian craft beer fans since day one, and many have long awaited the day that Unsung Brewing would finally open to the public, which ended up this past Friday evening.

Unsung Brewing has found a home in MAKE, the building directly across the train tracks from the Packing District. Very little information exists about MAKE at the time of this post, but from what I have gathered, expect MAKE to function similarly to an extension of the Packing District. MAKE will not have the same amount of spaces as the Packing District due to its smaller size, but will have multiple food businesses just like Packing District; for example, expect a barbecue joint to open in MAKE later this year. For now, if you venture over to the MAKE building, you can enjoy a nice cold one or two at Unsung Brewing’s public tasting room. Check out what Unsung Brewing has planned for the future by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

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