Beer Up – Cosmic Brewery Has Landed in Torrance to Add a Stellar Presence in the South Bay

Posted: August 2, 2016 in Beer, Los Angeles
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Torrance currently reigns as the craft beer capital of Los Angeles County, and that reign continues to grow with the introduction of Cosmic Brewery. Located across the street from Smog City Brewing and on the other side of Monkish Brewing‘s back wall, Cosmic Brewery aims to deliver stellar beer not just to Southern California, but all over the world once they get their distribution going. The founder of Cosmic Brewery grew up in Torrance, but earned his experience in the craft beer industry in San Jose. Cosmic Brewery actually started up in San Jose, but last year they decided to pack up and return to Torrance to begin construction of their new home. Cosmic Brewery had a soft opening for friends & family this past Saturday, but as word got out, the general public started to show up, giving the Cosmic Brewery crew their first live “stress test” if you will.

Despite landing in a highly competitive area, Cosmic Brewery stands out from the crowd with their self-serve beer system. Those who have gone to a Yogurtland or Tutti Frutti will recognize how this works, as patrons will pay by the ounce here. Some customers often complain that servers do not top off the glass. At Cosmic Brewery, that problem will not exist, since customers will pour exactly how much they want to drink, and pay for exactly how much they dispense. This idea of self-service already exists widely, from fountain drinks at restaurants to frozen yogurt shops and more. A self-serve wine bar exists in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, and Las Vegas has self-serve beer in some of the casinos on the strip. However, I do not believe that Southern California has self-serve beer yet, so Cosmic Brewery has forged new ground by introducing this system to Southern Californians.

Expect Cosmic Brewery to officially open their doors to the public very soon, hopefully with the kinks ironed out that they discovered during their soft opening (such as how to make the lines move more efficiently). Check out Cosmic Brewery on Facebook and Twitter for many future updates.

  1. Jill Olivas says:

    I was there on Saturday – what a great atmosphere!!! The dispensing system was super cool and cutting edge. They had 3 beers on tap for the “soft” opening – I thought the Little Bagpipe Scottish Ale was deelish and I noticed the guys were loving the Hellhound Brown but the Cosmonaut (California Blonde) was pretty popular too. I can’t wait to try the other beers.

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