Ponder this for a moment: a farm-raised animal that exists solely for its meat with no other by-products. I mean, chickens can produce eggs, and cows can produce milk. However, farmers raise pigs only to later harvest the meat, with no additional products. Just like other terrestrial meats, pigs produce various cuts of meat, most of which the general non-specific-diet populace absolutely love to consume. From ham to bacon to shoulder (pulled pork) to chops, pork has a great reputation among gastronomes or just about anyone who cooks. People generally do have an unexplainable fascination with bacon, a small strip of meat with no real substance, meant for use as a topping rather than an entrée. Does bacon truly make everything taste better? Bacon ice cream and other bacon desserts exist, but some purists prefer bacon as part of an entrée, something that you can find a lot of at Slater’s 50/50.

When it comes down to who can boast the most roast, Slater’s 50/50 takes the crown. A local legacy, Slater’s 50/50 has gained quite a reputation in Southern California for their signature 50/50 burger, which utilizes a burger patty consisting of 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon. Following the raging success of this product, Slater’s 50/50 has since expanded to six locations (Lake Forest location has closed permanently) and vastly expanded their menu. While you can still order various styles of their 50/50 burger, including the popular build-your-own burger checklist, Slater’s 50/50 now offers a plethora of other entrées, such as their Porka~Cola Sandwich. As the name suggests, this sandwich contains pork and cola – Slater’ 50/50 braises pork shoulder in cola for a succulent texture and flavor, then places a heaping mound of it in a telera roll. BBQ-spiced bacon, coleslaw, dill pickles, and barbecue sauce accompany this juicy pork sandwich to yield an amazing version of the classic pulled pork sandwich.

Have you visited Slater’s 50/50 yet? Keep in mind that they do have a unique Burger-of-the-Month every month, and fittingly for July, they have the ‘Merica. To see what else Slater’s 50/50 has cooking up, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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