Preview: The 3rd Annual Orange County Brew Hee Haw

Posted: July 12, 2016 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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Breaking new grounds by combining two unlikely worlds, the brazen crew behind the OC Brew Ha Ha will boldly step into the Orange County Fairgrounds to host the 3rd Annual OC Brew Hee Haw, a craft beer festival held within a local fair. This weekend-long beer tasting event takes place on the opening weekend of the 2016 OC Fair this weekend, and covers a large span of the weekend with four different beer tasting sessions that each last four hours. All attendees to the OC Brew Hee Haw receive UNLIMITED beer tasters, as well as admission to the fairgrounds for that day.

Historically, the OC Brew Ha Ha Productions crew has put on some of the most memorable beer festivals in Southern California. With this new festival that pairs them up with another large production group in the form of the OC Fair, expect some speed bumps to surface. Keep these tips in mind to make your visit a more pleasant experience:

  • Parking: Parking directly at the OC Fair costs $10 per vehicle, and subjects everyone to the madness of one-lane traffic in the lot. On weekends, a free parking lot with shuttle service exists not too far from the fair, so consider parking there.
  • Navigation: None of the fair staff knows anything about the Brew Hee Haw. Any attempt to ask about the event’s location would lead attendees in circles because the fair staff know how to do only their job and nothing else. Prepare to do a bit of exploring the fairgrounds to locate the Brew Hee Haw.
  • Restricted space: All prior Brew Ha Ha events had tons of space to move about in. This event restricts all guests to a lesser space. While this means guaranteed shade from the harsh sun, beer cannot leave the immediate premises.
  • Limited restrooms: Any beer fest must have ample access to restrooms. Brew Hee Haw guests can only use the fair’s restrooms, which have a consistently long line all day.
  • Food restrictions: Attendees cannot bring beer outside of the Brew Hee Haw area. This means that anyone wanting food has to finish their current cup of beer before leaving to go get food and bring it back.

If you cannot make it to Brew Hee Haw, fret not. The one that started them all, OC Brew Ha Ha, returns for its seventh installment on Saturday, September 24th, back at Oak Canyon Park in Irvine. Tickets have already gone on sale for $45 general admission or $60 for entry an hour earlier. All visitors gain access to UNLIMITED beer tastings for the duration of the event from over 90 breweries serving over 200 different beers & ciders. Expect to find plenty of food trucks, other food vendors, free soft drinks, merchandise booths, beer industry speakers, games, and more, which includes live music. To stay updated on news such as this and more from OC Brew Ha Ha, like the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter so you know what goes on in the realm of Orange County’s greatest beer festivals.

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