5 Free Online Things You Should Take Advantage Of

Posted: July 8, 2016 in Top 5
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The internet has blessed the world as a wonderful tool of vast resources. Thanks to the advent of the internet, many of the ways of living of the 1990’s and earlier have had to adapt to this new platform. Much of television and movies have gone digital, including sites that offer subscription services to watch programs. Video gaming now utilizes an online account to keep track of games, and you can now download them in addition to buying a physical copy of the game. Social media has made networking, communicating, and sharing things a daily facet of life. With so much available on the internet, sometimes people lose track of the neat things you can find. While sites may try to bog you down with prices for services (such as Hulu), many others provide services for free. Read on for a brief list of free services available online that I consider worth checking out.

5. 3D Rendering with Blender

Create your own 3D figures for use in video games, movies, images, and more with Blender. Whether amateur or professional, Blender gives you a foundation for you to exhibit your creativity. Casual users may find it entertaining to create something and share via social media, while serious users will love this software to use in other media.

4. Develop a Game with Unreal Engine 4

Most video gamers have heard of Unreal Engine, a famous gaming engine that many of today’s popular games use. Due to the sandbox style of this engine, users can create just about anything with Unreal Engine. For example, I once saw a video of Super Mario 64 rendered with Unreal Engine, and I can say that it looks better than anything that Nintendo has put out to date.

3. Create Art with Krita

Artists will want to check out Krita, a great software for digital imaging. If you lack physical tools to create art with, or need a place to draft a work of art, Krita will provide you with what you need to complete the masterpiece you want to bring to life.

2. Produce Music with LMMS

Whether you DJ or make music for films or video games, LMMS has lots of features for your music-making needs. LMMS has a plethora of functions for creating music from scratch. Keep in mind that if you need something a bit more specialized, LMMS may not quite have that. However, LMMS covers almost all grounds of making music, and can certainly help you generate some inspirations for your next piece.

1. Learn a Language For Free with Duolingo

When we think about learning a new language, Rosetta Stone comes to mind. However, Rosetta Stone users will tell you about how badly it does its job. Luckily, many other programs have come out to help you learn a new language, including Duolingo. Available as an app for your smartphone, Duolingo keeps track of your language lessons so you never lose progress whether you use your computer for smartphone. If you missed a lesson, you can always go back. Knowing multiple languages can help you go far in life, so considering acquiring that second language with Duolingo.


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