5 Craft Beers Obtainable in the Los Angeles Area You Must Try This Summer

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Beer, Top 5
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The age of the domestic beer monopoly in the United States shrinks with each passing day. The beer industry around the world dominates the alcoholic beverage industry, as consumers drink 3,500 bottles of beer for every one glass of wine – that makes 8,000 times more beer consumed by the liter. Annually, consumers worldwide drink 189 billion liters of beer, but only 24 million liters of wine. While drinking habits may peak during certain times of the year such as holidays, the consumption of beverages remains fairly consistent and rarely makes huge changes in consumption from one day to the next. The changing seasons do have a great effect on the types and styles of beers consumed, as more people start to prefer light and portable beers. When pool or beach parties come to mind, canned beers logically make sense; after all, we would not want to risk broken glass in an environment where people walk around in their bare feet. To commemorate the start of summer, check out this special Cans Edition of craft beers to try this summer, all of which you can find at your local bottle/can shop in Southern California.

5. Epic Brewing‘s Brainless On Raspberries

Heading into the summer, we leave behind the flavors that we tend to want during cooler climates, which include “dark” flavors like chocolate or spices that traditionally warm us up. Now we want lighter, refreshing flavors, especially fruits. Regardless of the type of fruit, any fruit can help us cool down, and Epic Brewing has captured that perfectly with their Brainless series. While the Brainless series of Belgian ales comes in multiple flavors, the Brainless On Raspberries highlights the fruit flavoring the best. The raspberries version clocks in at 9.1%, a hefty ale with hints of raspberry and bubble gum aromas, while the raspberry fruit comes out very well yet does not inundate the palate. With such a bold taste, Brainless On Raspberries stands well on its own as a delightful treat to drink.

4. Anderson Valley Brewing Company‘s Briney Melon Gose

In the summertime, people crave sweet refreshing flavors. Most fruits provide this, but some come off as more refreshing than others, especially citrus and melons. Many breweries have started to use watermelons in their ales, including Anderson Valley Brewing Company. People typically associate watermelons with picnics and the outdoors, and Anderson Valley has captured that perfectly with their Briney Melon Gose. At only 4.2% abv, this gose boasts a thirst-quenching tartness balanced with watermelon flavors and aromas. The gentle addition of sea salt creates a harmonious blend of acidity and fruit sweetness that leads to a clean dry finish. Enjoy this brew the next time your find yourself lounging outdoors.

3. Victory Brewing Company‘s Cage Radler

When the weather warms up, we want something to refresh our bodies. Citrus flavors complete this task quite well, and Victory Brewing has a grasp on that. The summer weather can result in strange things, from absolute dry heat to monsoonal humidity to hail in the desert and lots of thunderstorms. Regardless of what mother nature throws at you, you can always enjoy a Cage Radler from Victory Brewing. This combination of a shandy and radler combines the freshness of lemonade with the crisp finish of a lager. The notes of lemonade, lemon zest, and grains will tickle your scent senses. At just 3.0% abv, Cage Radler will make you feel good in more ways than one.

2. Ska Brewing Company‘s Mexican Logger

Summertime usually means swimming pools, beaches, and outdoor grilling. Grilling usually reminds us of meats on the grill, such as steaks, barbecue, and carne asada. Mexican food goes great on the grill, and a nice cold lager pairs great with grilled meats as well, something that Ska Brewing has realized. No stranger to crossovers, Ska Brewing has a wide selection of brews coming out of their home in Colorado, and that selection includes their summer seasonal release, the Mexican Logger. As the name suggests, this Mexican-style lager has a pale yellow color along with aromas of pale grains and grassy hops. At 5.2% abv, the Mexican Logger goes down easy with its light body and nice flavor, making it a great beer to enjoy with your outdoor grill food.

1. Uinta Brewing Company‘s Sum’r Summer Ale

When you crave a drink in the summer time, you want something refreshing for your palate, something that will not inundate your senses. For a crisp, refreshing summertime ale, take a look at what Uinta Brewing has. Despite their location in a cold area, Uinta has a history of great beers and awards to prove it. They recently just put out their summer seasonal beer, Sum’r Summer Ale. This organic ale pours a nice golden body made with light malts and Sorachi hops, an uncommon hop from Japan. At only 4.0% abv, the clean citrusy flavor makes it a great ale to enjoy poolside or anywhere else out in the sun.


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