Acting And Getting Into Character At LA Cosplay Con 2016

Posted: June 14, 2016 in Events, Hot Women, Long Beach
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The 2016 edition of the LA Cosplay Con returned this past Saturday afternoon to Southern California, bigger and better than ever. Taking place at its new location at the Long Beach Convention Center, this one-day 12-hour event attracted hundreds of cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the world to meet for a day of fun, networking, and trading ideas. Those who have attended the Long Beach Comic Con/Expo will have seen similarities in this event, which focuses more on the meetup aspect than having vendors and artists. The LA Cosplay Con revolves around cosplay and the people who participate in it – as such, while this event had a room with vendors and activities, the amount of vendors comes nowhere close to a comics expo or an anime expo. Instead, it had all of its space reserved mainly free of obstructions so that the attendees can have free space to mingle and take photographs of the costumed people.

LA Cosplay Con does not impose any restrictions to its attendees in any form. All realms of media can find a home here. From comics to video games to anime/manga to television/film, this event sees a variety of characters, all of which can seamlessly mesh in together and cross over. Thanks to the handful of people dressed as Deadpool, bridging different worlds did not feel out of place, so for example, you may see a Disney princess spending time with Loki from the Marvel universe, or the Wario brothers hanging out with the Game of Thrones cast. Due to the nature of this event, this meetup encouraged people to get into character and not just walk around looking glamorous. Of particular note, visitors could often hear the Wario brothers and their cackling laughter in the background from time to time.

Anyone interested in comics, anime, manga, video games, television, film, or any form of media would love to check out LA Cosplay Con. This event returns annually around June, so keep an eye out for its return next year. Until then, check out LA Cosplay Con on Facebook and Twitter for further updates and local event reminders. Continue scrolling down to see my photos from this year’s LA Cosplay Con. If the photos below do not appear properly, I have already uploaded them all to a Facebook album.

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    Thanks for sharing some great images.

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