Grease And Cars At The 69th Annual Fish Fry & Carnival + 1st Annual Costa Mesa Car Show

Posted: June 8, 2016 in Cars, Events, Food, Orange County
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Two events took place at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa this past weekend, as the 69th Annual Fish Fry & Carnival added more to their festivities with the 1st Annual Costa Mesa Car Show. This free and all-ages event brought out the standard rides, games, and booths that a city fair typically provides. The carnival brought out the rides and games that many expect to see at a fair: the ferris wheel, bumper cars, obstacle courses, rides that swing or spin you, and all the games where you throw things top win stuffed animals. As for the booths, Costa Mesa dubs this their Fish Fry, which basically means fried fish strips plus fries. At $10 for a boat of fish & chips, you can find better quality at nearby restaurants, but at least buying here meant supporting a local city organization. New this year, they also added a classic car exhibit to Friday night. While nowhere near as large as larger annual car shows, this neat addition brought out the locals with classic cars to show off. These little local fairs show the diversity of the local community, and brings out visitors from not just nearby, but from the rest of the region as well. Whenever a city hosts a fair like this, you ought to check it out with your friends and family as well.


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