Speaking With That Gruff Accent At The 84th Annual Scottish Fest USA

Posted: June 1, 2016 in Events, Music, Orange County, Sports
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The 84th Annual Scottish Fest USA returned this past weekend to the OC Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa. This Scottish cultural festival celebrated everything that makes Scotland so memorable today. From the bagpipes to the kilts to the haggis to the highland games, anyone who has not experienced Scottish culture surely needed to check out this festival. The mayor of Costa Mesa has Scottish ancestry, so naturally they get to host this festival. Largely remaining unchanged from previous years, visitors attending for the first time will enjoy everything this festival has to offer. Guests attending again following previous years will not see much in the way of new things, besides new people and new tangible goods. But how often can groups prance around wearing kilts and grunting in Scottish accents?

A Scottish Festival such as this one contains enough activities for you and your friends & family to enjoy a full day of fun. From the music competitions to the food to the various sports to all the vendors, enthusiasts will find something here for entertainment purposes. Any of the music features surely would have taken up much of the time here. As for sports, the festival provided visitors with the Highland Games, as well as a broadsword demo and an archery range. Food mainly revolved around the standard Scottish faire found at festivals like these, so we found a lot of haggis, meat pies, fish & chips, and potatoes. With the exception of the haggis, none of the food impressed me much, as many Scottish and Irish pubs exist in Southern California that serve that kind of food, only at a more affordable price and higher quality.

For a two-day fest, the OC Fair can pack a lot into Scottish Fest USA. Both days followed a very similar schedule, which happens to follow similar schedules of previous years. Sad to say, to anyone who has attended Scottish Fest USA in the past, you did not miss much. Everyone else who has not attended should consider attending next year. Consider donning a kilt and the rest of a Scottish outfit if attending. Getting into the Scottish spirit not only amps your enthusiasm up, but will likely make guests treat you more jovially.

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