Beer Up – Smog City Brewing Company Celebrated Another Anniversary With More Space

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Beer, Events, Los Angeles
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When thinking about the originals of the South Bay beer scene, Smog City Brewing Company usually comes to mind. Having just celebrated their 3rd anniversary this past weekend, Smog City has a concrete plan about how to operate a brewery, and they do such a great job at it. People all over Southern California feel Smog City’s presence, from beer festivals to restaurants to bottle shops and more. Aptly named for their proximity to the Exxon Mobil Refinery, Smog City’s location essentially marks them as a hub for most of the South Bay breweries. Most people who conduct a South Bay brewery tour tend to start at Smog City as a result, not to mention the generous business hours of the tasting room. With a large portfolio of beers available at any given time, visitors to the tasting room will always find something new to try, and something new to take home.

New this year, Smog City has advanced over to the space adjacent to its left. This space not only holds over a hundred more visitors, but it houses dozens of barrels all quietly and slowly aging until ripeness. Smog City also had their private VIP tasting from 11am to 1pm where they sampled some of their rare exclusive brews. I could not attend that session, but I still got to try some of their other anniversary ales, and believe me, Smog City has still got it.

Smog City’s popularity precedes them, and their anniversary event proved just that. Wall to wall full of people, it appeared that this South Bay powerhouse could not contain every single visitor present. This bears no indication that they cannot handle a crowd – this measures just how significant a name they bear in the craft beer market. If you ever find yourself with free time on a weekend or just find yourself somewhere near the Torrance area, stop on by Smog City Brewing. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates from Smog City.


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