Beer Up – Network Brewery Joins Orange County’s Illustrious Craft Beer Family

Posted: May 12, 2016 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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We all love free enterprise and how the American Dream encourages us to pursue our career goals. Despite the rich & famous trying to snuff out the crowd, hopeful entrepreneurs continue to appear to pave the way for the local independent business owners. No amount of cheap tricks can save face for the big corporations. Local communities always love it when new mom & pop shops appear, especially when they can call themselves a supporter of the local economy. So when I discovered the grand opening of Network Brewery last weekend, I knew I had to go check it out.

Adding another microbrewery to Santa Ana, Network Brewery has finally opened their doors to the public this past Saturday. Ever bridging the gap closer to South Orange County and the San Clemente microbreweries, Network Brewery gives us a glimpse at a true work of local entrepreneurs. Their small space in an industrial office block shows the efforts that size does not mean everything. Though we have yet to see Network Brewery appear at any local beer festival, thankfully they got the word out of their grand opening so that the locals could finally check out the brews here. During their grand opening, Network Brewery had three regular beers on tap, then four variations of their IPA. In the not too distant future, we can expect to see a few new brews appearing on their tap list. Not only that, but Network Brewery has their own growlers, so you can already take home their beers.

For a small microbrewery, Network Brewery has done a great job at finally getting their doors open to the public. Check out Network Brewery at their tasting room situated between Santa Ana, Irvine, and Costa Mesa on Fridays or Saturdays. In the meantime, check out Network Brewery on Facebook and Twitter for future updates.


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