Coincidentally coinciding with the end of American Craft Beer Week, Hangar 24 Brewery will celebrate their 8th Anniversary this Saturday with their inaugural AirFest taking place at Redlands Municipal Airport. Located across the street from the tasting room, this all-ages gathering covers almost the entire airport area, sans the runway, with dozens of tents & trucks pouring lots of beer. Admission starts at $8, with various tiers and prices that offer different amounts of beer and other perks, including a VIP tent that sits right up front for the viewing of the air show. Strewn throughout the area, in addition to the various tents and trucks pouring beer, the airport crew sets out vintage planes that guests can inspect and gaze at, and they also open some of the hangars so guests can tour the airport. Guests can climb into some of the planes for photo opportunities as well. Throughout the day, local bands play live music, and pilots put on aerial acrobatics shows, providing more than enough entertainment for the crowd. A kids’ play zone will keep the little ones busy while the adults go to drink elsewhere. Free parking means that guests can leave and return at their leisure, provided that they leave their wristbands on. With so much ground to cover, so much beer to drink, and so much else going on, no guest should ever feel bored the entire day.

If you have ever attended the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, you will surely remember the beautiful sunset over the mountains and palm trees. While this airport has no palm trees, its location by the mountains yields a spectacular sight as night falls and the sun produces an entrancing glow over the horizon. This almost makes you want to go to Hangar 24 one day in the evening just to witness the sunset from the tasting room.

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