Extra Adventures Throughout Southern California Last Week

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Art, Beer, Events, Long Beach, Orange County
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We have entered event season, what with the dozens of events that take place every weekend so far. I managed to make it out to a handful of other events last week, and since I did not have time to fully cover them all, I will briefly post about my week’s adventures below.

On Thursday night, the Union Market in Tustin held a Spring Launch Party. Free to attend, this gathering featured complimentary beer and/or wine as well as hors d’oeuvres served from the local eateries. They also had live bands performing all night. Due to the compact nature of the Union Market, it always feels crowded there, no matter when I visit. Having an occasion or event there only makes matters worse, as the crowding and noise levels made it uncomfortable to remain there for an extended period of time.

The city of Cerritos held their annual Spring Festival at the Cerritos Sports Complex all weekend. Free to attend for all ages, this fair mainly presented rides, games, live music, and a few gourmet food trucks. However, it did not feature as many vendors as other local city fairs. After one walkthrough of the entire grounds, I only encountered carnival rides and games, while I wanted to see what types of vendors would set up here. The lack of vendors meant that I would end up leaving a lot sooner than I had expected.

Bootlegger’s Brewery turned eight years old last week, and they typically celebrate by holding an anniversary celebration at The Muckenthaler Museum on the final Saturday of April. This year, they opted not to host an anniversary festival, and instead decided to keep it simple by just pouring their anniversary brews out of their tasting room all weekend. On Saturday afternoon, they had live music at their tasting room. On Sunday morning, a third party hosted a “Beer & Yoga” event at the tasting room.

On Sunday afternoon, the Long Beach Zine Fest returned for their second year running at the Museum of Latin American Art. Free to attend for all ages, this event featured dozens of local writers and artists as they exhibited their literary and artistic works. Visitors could purchase much of the works, while others could trade works instead. Extraneous vendors and live entertainment mixed things up throughout the day. Inefficient parking at this venue made it take a while to finally arrive here, while the excessive children running around tired me out fast.

Finally, the weekend ended with a visit to the South Bay Home & Garden Show. Free to attend for all ages, this expo showcased the latest in home improvement, remodeling, interior-design, decorating, landscaping, and more. Walking through the aisles felt like walking through a used car center, what with all the salespeople trying to heckle and sell things to you that you do not necessarily need. This event also has a strict no-photography policy, so I could not take a single photo. Instead, I have here one of their stock photos because apparently they do not want people to see how hard visitors get approached by the salespeople.


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