Beer Up – Valiant Brewing Proudly Exhibits Their Talent At Their 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Beer, Events, Orange County
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The brave can conquer anything. It takes guts to stand up to the colossal giants in this world. It must feel daunting when in a situation of feeling like a small person in a big crowd. When 1% of the world holds 99% of the wealth, corporate megalomaniacs can influence multiple aspects, from the top levels of government down to the common populace. To stand out from the crowd, you need something to set you apart from the rest. Society tends to conform to what the media feeds the people, listening to what they deem good or bad. When people snap out of the brainwashing, they break their creative chains to unleash their potential and dreams. Everybody has different goals, but when you want to go big, look at how Valiant Brewing approaches their craft.

Three years ago, Valiant Brewing opened their doors to the public to ravishing reviews. Last weekend, the folks behind the brews celebrated the third year of their brewery with lots of beer at their tasting room. With over 40 different beers available to the public, many of which the public have not yet seen, Valiant brought out their big guns to this party. Frequent guests may have noticed a handful of barrels missing from their normal corner of the brewery, which could finally see daylight and reach the glasses of every guest. Last year, Valiant celebrated their anniversary like a beer festival, charging folks a flat admission fee to enjoy a set amount of beer tasters. This year, they spread the celebration out across three days, each with separate timed releases. Visitors only needed to pay $5 for a glass, then needed to buy drink tickets each day to start drinking. Anyone who visited all three days and saved their wristbands could access an exclusive brew Saturday night.

During a season full of beer events, Valiant held up their own, and proved that they have garnered a solid following over the past few years. Perhaps we will see more of Valiant around Southern California this year, as they aim to distribute to a wider geographical area, both in bottle shops and in restaurants/bars. Until then, check out their tap room in Orange, open Thursdays through Saturdays, for a full glimpse of what they have brewing up.

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