The Rendezvous Artisan Market in Santa Monica Over-Promised and Under-Delivered

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Events, Los Angeles
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The triannual Rendezvous Artisan Market arrived in Santa Monica this past weekend. Taking place at the Museum of Flying, this all-ages event represented an arts & crafts vendor fair with over a dozen different local vendors selling various items such as clothing, accessories, housewares, and more. The event would also have some mobile food vendors, a beer garden, and live music. As the event took place at a museum, visitors would also gain entry into the museum to see old model airplanes and other artifacts of aviation.

Unfortunately, the good stops there. While the website makes no explicit mention of any admission fees, their website clearly states that visitors gain free entry into the museum. Although technically correct, this confused many visitors into believing that they can enter the event for free. However, the event required a $5 “donation” to enter the event that came with $5’s worth of raffle tickets. Visitors can enter the museum for free on other days anyways. The event page mentioned over a hundred different vendors, but I did not see even a quarter of that amount. Also, live music to the organizers means only one cover band. The beer garden only featured beers from one local brewery that does not even have a tasting room.

Did this event waste my time? You bet it did. On the plus side, going to this event means it landed me in Santa Monica, allowing me to explore Santa Monica for a bit following the event. If you seek other similar events like this that actually merit your time, look into Unique LA, Patchwork Fest (free), Renegade Craft Fair (free), and Artisanal LA. Those have existed for a lot longer, and generally have favorable reviews by those that attend events like them. However, I do not foresee myself ever returning to anymore future events by Rendezvous Artisan Market.


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