Remembering Our Teenage Years At The LAUSD Grand Arts Festival

Posted: April 20, 2016 in Art, Events, Food Truck, Los Angeles, Music
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This past Saturday, the LA Unified School District hosted their Grand Arts Festival at Grand Park in Downtown LA. Free to attend for all ages, this event featured thousands of students from across Los Angeles County all exhibiting their artistic and creative skills. This event featured multiple disciplines, from music to art to acting to dance and more. The event covered all tiers of Grand Park, and each section of Grand Park featured a different form of art. Sections of the park would represent music, visual arts, theater, dance, and beyond. In addition to everything on display, visitors would find gourmet food trucks, arts & crafts, a few vendors, and other forms of live entertainment beyond what the students brought.

I suppose if you have any connections to the LAUSD or have a child involved, you would enjoy this event. Those without any involvement may not have found as much substance here. I do like visiting Downtown LA every now and then, but I probably could have done without visiting Grand Park, which I only spent about ten minutes at before getting bored and leaving. But hey, do not let me stop you from attending events and enjoying them. If these events sound fun to you, get out there and have a ball.


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