Preview: Eagle Rock Brewery’s 6th Annual Session Fest

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Beer, Events, Los Angeles
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Eagle Rock Brewery has slowly risen as one of prominent breweries in the Los Angeles area. As a brewery with a balanced focus, they brew beers as light as 3.8% to as high as 10.8%. To reach out to a broader audience, head brewer Jeremy chooses to focus more on bold flavors than strong or bitter beers, evident in their four flagship beers: Solidarity, Manifesto, Revolution, and Populist. Following up on this notion, Eagle Rock Brewery started Session Fest three years ago. For those unfamiliar, session beers carry lots of flavor while keeping alcohol content low. This allows drinkers to enjoy more beers in a given time frame without overloading on alcohol or killing the palate with strong or hoppy beers. Fans accepted Eagle Rock Brewery’s bravery of hosting a small beer tasting with session beers, so the brewery followed up by hosting it again year after year. This Saturday at their tasting room, Eagle Rock Brewery will follow up with the sixth year in a row of hosting Session Fest.

Keeping with tradition, all of the staff at Eagle Rock Brewery will contribute towards the execution of Session Fest. Every staff member will bring their own session beer for the fest, based on their personal taste preference. Guests pay $15 at the counter to receive three 8oz pours of any session beer of their choice, plus the glass to take home. If guests want more than three beers, they can purchase more tasters at cost. Visitors will find the beers in both the tasting room and in the brewhouse (where the brewing occurs), but bear in mind that it gets rather warm in the brewhouse. Visitors should seek street parking on W Ave 32, one street beyond the brewery.

With today’s industry dominated by strong beers and the challenge to brew the strongest and most flavorful, an event like Session Fest feels refreshing, as it reminds us all that beer has more going on than simply a means to get drunk. Session beers allow us to appreciate the ingredients used in the brewing process without the inevitable intoxication that would normally dull the senses. Some other beer fests that focus on the strongest beers of the bunch would often have to face heavily intoxicated guests that may cause a ruckus or a mess. Eagle Rock Brewery aims to raise awareness of beers for their flavor rather than strength, and with Session Fest, they clearly head in the correct direction.


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