Getting Fitness Motivated At The 14th Annual California’s Strongest Man Contest

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Events, Orange County, Sports
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Some of California’s strongest athletes competed in a strongman competition this past Saturday morning in Huntington Beach as part of the 14th Annual California’s Strongest Man Contest. Taking place in a parking lot just east of Jack’s Concession Stand at Huntington State Beach, this competition allowed visitors of all ages to spectate these weightlifting feats for free, as the competitors exhibited their strength and finesse among five different lifting rounds. While most of the competitors represented various lifting and/or barbell clubs or organizations, the contest still allowed independent competitors to compete. Competitors exhibited their athletic ability in the following events:

  1. Axle/log clean & press: a power clean followed by a press/jerk using a log, barbell, and dumbbell
  2. Complex: seated arm over arm, keg carry, and sled push
  3. Conan’s Wheel: underarm lifting a weighted pole and moving it around a circle (shown below)
  4. Complex: farmer’s carry, tire flip, and sled-anchor chain drag
  5. Atlas Stones: picking up a heavy Atlas Stone and lifting it over a hurdle

Both men and women competed and gave their all, proving that fitness does not discriminate. The announcer even said that one of the women competitors weighs “one hundred and nothing” and she still could move Conan’s Wheel one cycle at well over 200 pounds. One can never start lifting weights too late, so if you feel motivated to get strong like these competitors, search locally for a weightlifting gym or a barbell/lifting club or organization. Try to avoid mass “fitness centers” such as Planet Fitness that deter heavy lifting – those do not provide proper training, and will usually trap you in convoluted contracts that you cannot easily escape without an attorney. For best results, search for actual weightlifting gyms or CrossFit gyms with a lifting program. Not all CrossFit gyms have dedicated lifting space, so do some research on these gyms to see if they allow a lifting-only membership without the CrossFit workout shenanigans.

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