Succulent Sampling At The First Taste of Downtown Long Beach Of 2016

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Events, Food, Long Beach, Restaurant
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The first Taste of Downtown Long Beach of 2016 occurred last week on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Free to attend for all ages, numerous businesses in Downtown Long Beach set up booths in the East Village Arts District to serve food & drinks to guests who purchased food tickets. Guests could purchase 12 tickets for $10 online, or one ticket for $1 each at the event. The restaurants that served at this event ranged from the many restaurants around the East Village to those along Pine Avenue to the handful of restaurants in Shoreline Village and Rainbow Harbor. In addition to all the food, local bands played music throughout the night, and local artists and vendors set up to sell their merchandise and other work.

Missed out on this food fest? The Downtown Long Beach Association will host the taste once again in early June and late August. For a simple method to sample what Downtown Long Beach has to offer, you do not want to miss the next taste or two.

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