Beer Up – Absolution Brewing Celebrates Their Second Anniversary Cooley And Calmly

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Beer, Events, Food, Los Angeles
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The craft beer scene in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County has surged quite a bit in the past few months, and the scene will continue to experience rapid growth for an indefinite amount of time. This trend saw another spike this past Saturday when Absolution Brewing Company celebrated their second anniversary. Located across the ExxonMobil Refinery from the Torrance microbrewery core (which consists of Smog City Brewing and Monkish Brewing), Absolution Brewing represents another fine member of the South Bay craft beer collective. While they may not yet appear as widespread as Smog City or Monkish, the brews of Absolution live up to the expectations of any brewery from the South Bay.

At their second anniversary celebration, guests could still enter the tasting room and order beers right off the menu. To add to the celebration, Absolution employed a handful of additions, which included cask ales, games, mobile food vendors, and live music. Guests could still purchase beers as normal at the counter, but to those looking for a festival experience, Absolution offered just that in the form of beer packages. A general package cost $25 and came with three full beer pours and one meal ticket from the food vendors. A VIP package cost $45 and included an anniversary t-shirt, unlimited beer pours from 12pm to 1pm, and then four beer pours after 1pm.

Expect lots of hype and excitement from the South Bay in the upcoming weeks. This upcoming Saturday, Phantom Carriage in Carson will celebrate their first anniversary. Next weekend, both the San Pedro Beer Festival and FirkFest will take place, providing two different options for sampling a vast amount of craft beer. While the San Pedro festival will primarily focus on showcasing the local microbreweries, Firk Fest will showcase the creativity of microbreweries. Take your pick: learn more about local breweries, or taste how creative the brewers can get?


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