Pork Yeah! Taco Rosa’s Carnitas Pibil

Posted: March 4, 2016 in Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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As a fact of life, every living object & creature must eat to live. Most creatures simply eat the most convenient things available, not thinking about a choice in food. In the wild, creatures must hunt for their food, as food will not simply fall down in front of them. Domestically, pets may have it even worse, as some pet owners feed their pet the same pet food everyday for years. Despite eating the same thing for all their lives, pets feel content to just having a home, so they eat that same pet food daily without ever getting tired of it. Looking at the human race now, we have the luck and joy of having food choices and varieties available to us. We can eat basic bread and plain meats and raw vegetables, but advancements in culture have allowed us to have endless types of cuisines. Southern California has no shortage of different cuisine types, especially Mexican food. Though Mexican food exists around every corner, some people really need the locals’ help in locating the better places to visit, such as Taco Rosa.

Irvine’s Taco Rosa may bear a common restaurant’s name, but contrary to the basic name, their cuisine truly stands out as top of the charts. Located in the Irvine Marketplace on the border with Tustin, Taco Rosa serves authentic Mexican cuisine with a Yucatán/Mayan twist. While the menu may contain Mexican classics such as burritos and quesadillas, the flavors derive from the chef’s Yucatán/Mayan background. Such flavors exist all across their menu, especially in their Carnitas Pibil. In this entrée, Taco Rosa plates tender pork shoulder with pibil sauce, pork belly beans, guacamole, escabeche, Mexican rice, and a sweet corn tamalito. Each item comes plated individually, allowing you to savor each item on its own or combine them how you would like. You can have a taste of Yucatán/Mayan cuisine for just $17, or dine in during Happy Hour on Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm to receive this entrée and more for 30% off.

Interested to see what else Taco Rosa has in store? Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for updates directly from the source.


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