Beer Up – The South Bay Continues To Expand Its Microbrewery Dominance

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Beer, Los Angeles
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Craft beer continues to get big across the world. The establishment of local microbreweries shows no signs of slowing down. Some regions show greater growth of craft beer than others for a handful of different reasons. One particular reason could involve the local community’s preference towards craft beer. Another particular reason could involve a city’s enthusiasm to house microbreweries. Regardless, microbreweries tend to exist in regional clusters. When you look at states with a prevalent craft beer following, you will notice groups of microbreweries very close to each other. For example, Los Angeles County has the South Bay where a bunch of microbreweries exist close to each other. I had already covered multiple breweries in the South Bay in the past, but new breweries continue to pop up over time. Earlier this week, I posted about the grand opening of Brouwerij West. For now, we look at a few more new establishments in Torrance.

For the most recent brewery to open in Torrance, look for HopSaint Brewing Company. Although listed as located in Torrance, you can get to King Harbor Brewing rather easily from HopSaint, plus HopSaint resides closer to Redondo Beach (the physical beach, not just the city). Like many of the big breweries in Southern California, HopSaint had a lot of publicity and hype prior to opening their doors to the public because of their marketing and presence at local beer festivals, restaurants, and bars. Their popularity carried over to their facility in Torrance/Redondo Beach, as evident in the full capacity their facility consistently sees. Speaking of facility, HopSaint does more than just a tasting room – HopSaint exists as a full restaurant, serving both food and beverages. This also lends to the popularity of HopSaint, and why they usually have a packed place. If you want to check out their brews, I suggest visiting HopSaint during lunch hours or off-peak hours.

Although not technically a new brewery, Strand Brewing Co. has a new facility in Torrance. Strand originally had a very small tasting room in Torrance less than a mile north of the Torrance Airport, and with their growing popularity and distribution, they had to move to a larger space. They found that larger space in the form of a warehouse much more north of their old location. This new space, a stone’s throw from the Torrance craft beer core (which consists of Smog City, Monkish, and Dudes), has more than ten times the old space, so Strand can entertain significantly more visitors, brew significantly more beer, and distribute significantly more products. As far as the microbrewery experience goes, Strand serves as the stereotypical microbrewery that out-of-town visitors will recognize. Strand serves beer, plays music, has games, and invites the occasional gourmet food truck to feed guests. Anyone visiting from out of town will appreciate the familiarity of Strand’s tasting room.

Want to check out these and more local breweries? Look into the San Pedro Beer Festival, which will take place in a few weeks. Also keep an eye out for FirkFest taking place that same day, and Sabroso Taco Fest taking place in a few months from now.


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