Beer Up – Brouwerij West Opens Up With More Hype Than Pliny The Younger

Posted: March 1, 2016 in Beer, Events, Los Angeles
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How does one determine hype? How can something garner so much attention that people await its arrival with so much enthusiasm? Does it fall to the marketing team? Does it need to have the right timing to go viral? People talk about upcoming things for a long time, and it gets enough attention that once it arrives, the people that anticipate it go bonkers over its live state. Whether it lives up to expectations depends largely on the topic at hand, such as hyped video games or hyped beers. Every year, thousands of craft beer fans go crazy over rare beers such as Pliny The Younger, but once in a while something comes along with so much hype and anticipation that once it arrives, it lands hard. Welcome to the overly hyped brewery known as Brouwerij West.

One of the most anticipated breweries to set foot in Southern California, Brouwerij West finally opened their doors to the public this past Saturday in San Pedro. Located in a huge warehouse space near the Port of Los Angeles, Brouwerij West has delighted countless craft beer fans for many years with their unique Belgian brews that others simply cannot imitate. Though limited and restricted in how people could obtain Brouwerij West’s brews in the past, all those barriers finally fell when the tasting room opened to the public over the weekend. At this grand opening celebration, visitors could enter for free to check out the beers, the gourmet food trucks, and the live music in the evening. It appeared that thousands of others had the same idea, as Brouwerij West remained at near full capacity for pretty much the entire day. It took at least half an hour of waiting in a line until finally receiving a beer, showing just how badly the people want to taste Brouwerij West’s brews. Because of the sheer amount of people present at this opening day, I opted not to obtain any beers – I will return in a few weeks when the hype has died down to try their brews.

Looking forward to trying Brouwerij West’s brews? Check out what they have in store coming up by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Keep an eye out for them at upcoming beer festivals too – they will likely have the longest line at whatever festival they end up at.

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