Beer Up – Brew Rebellion Adds A Craft Beer Presence To Yucaipa

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Beer, Inland Empire
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Despite the big corporation essentially declaring war on the little guys, the local mom & pop shops continue to rise. The big guys can step on as many ants as they would like, but they will never truly get rid of all of them, as more will eventually surface. As Manifest Destiny dictates, the local populace will eventually outgrow their current locale and will start to expand & migrate outwards. The apple must fall from the tree sooner or later, and that apple can either stay near its parent tree or move on to branch out elsewhere. So just how far can one branch out? Southern California has its massive metropolitan area of the greater Los Angeles area, and from there you have the surrounding areas such as San Diego, Ventura, and the inland empire. The harsh desert environment of the inland empire forgives no one, so anyone currently heading inland basically paves the way for future generations. Leave it to some crafty folks to establish an inland craft beer foothold in the form of Brew Rebellion.

Out in the desert area of the inland empire, breweries exist few and far between beyond Redlands. Brew Rebellion hopes to represent the bridge between civilization and the desert cities as a “last stop” prior to the open desert. Located behind a liquor store in Yucaipa, Brew Rebellion still lacks the size and popularity of other nearby microbreweries, namely those in Redlands. Craft beer currently does not fare too well past Redlands, as the cities from Yucaipa all the way out to Indio mostly stick to macro beers, while craft beer still represents a small minority. As such, Brew Rebellion has a lot of room and potential to grow in popularity – they simply need the correct outlets to do so. Local beer festivals help in that regard, but given Brew Rebellion’s current small facility, they can only produce so much. Thankfully, with their small production facility, they churn out amazing beers in small batches, since small batches allow them to fine-tune their brews much more precisely.

Show some support for the local guys by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter (note they do not use their Twitter much). Keep an eye out for them at local beer festivals, such as the many that take place in Riverside annually.

  1. Andy sutfin says:

    Hey thanks great article. True we don’t really use twitter much but Facebook and Instagram we are all over 🙂

  2. Susan Parker says:

    We have a tap room and production facility at the old Norton Air Force Base 195 N Del Rosa, San Bernardino. We have a lot of one of a kind beers. Creative minds make great beer.

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