Locals Made Great Eats At The 12th Annual Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Dessert, Events, Food, Long Beach
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This past Saturday, many people had the chance to enjoy lots of eats and treats at the 12th Annual Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival. Taking place throughout 2nd Street in the Belmont Shore neighborhood of Long Beach, this event follows a pay-as-you-go system, where guests pay for what they plan to consume, just like Belmont Shore’s annual Stroll & Savor series. For the adults wanting to get more involved than simply eating, organizers held a Homemade Dessert Contest every year, allowing any home baker/cook to submit their unique creations for a small entry fee. For anyone wanting to have fun while eating, organizers also held free pie-eating contests for all ages. However, the main attraction lies with the local businesses that set up to vend their sweet treats to guests. One booklet of 12 tickets costs $10 each, equating to roughly $0.83 per ticket. 12 tickets seems like a little, but when everything costs 1-3 tickets, one booklet will fill an average person up, especially since most 3-ticket plates come with a lot of desserts. The leniency of purchasing food tickets makes this event and Stroll & Savor so popular, since guests can choose how much to pay for, and can always buy more tickets if they plan to eat more. Observe below a sample of the goodies one could obtain from Chocolate Fest:

Missed out on Chocolate Fest? The food version, Stroll & Savor, returns on May 18th, so plan to visit The Shore in mid-May!


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